MINNEAPOLIS –– Hundreds of concerned neighbors gathered at Powderhorn Park in South Minneapolis in an effort to plan for neighborhood peacekeeping.

It was organized by Minneapolis Council Member Alondra Cano.

“I have not come here alone,” the group sang together. “If you listen, you can hear them in my soul.”

Cano pleaded for the group to keep children and the elderly off of Lake Street throughout the day on Saturday and especially on Saturday night.

“Please take the vulnerable populations out of the Lake Street area,” Cano said. “I have a feeling things are going to spill into the neighborhood today, unlike they’ve done in the past.”

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Cano also warned that the National Guard was likely going to be deployed in the streets.

“If that happens, the city council and mayor will have no purview, recourse or lines of communication.”

Cano hoped that the residents would prepare spiritually what that might mean.

The neighbors split up into groups of 10 to discuss ways to properly defend themselves if the riots spread into their neighborhood.