What has the coronavirus experience taught you so far?

I’m aware it’s out there because when I go to try and buy something, it’s all gone. There is some fear. I have asthma. I’m trying to keep my distance right now because I have bronchitis. It would not be good for me if I got it. I want to get in here and get out as fast as I can and keep my butt at home.

Michelle Vinje

Star Prairie

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Just the importance of cleanliness, keeping my hands out of my mouth, just plain old hygiene. I’ve had good hygiene. It's just that I never thought about it as much as I do now, not shaking hands, using sanitizers, that kind of stuff. It has surprised me how much people have overreacted. We need to just settle down and we’ll get through it.

Roger Ferguson

New Richmond

In the words of "Frozen," “Let it go, let it go, let it go.” I think this is bigger than the government. They’re doing the best that they can. Kudos to them because they’re learning on the go. I think a lot of people are kind of cranky because it’s messing with their routine. People have been caught off guard, just look at the toilet paper going out the door. We’re canceling our 50th wedding anniversary Alaskan cruise. We’re (baby) boomers. It’s going to be OK.

Sue Hoveland

New Richmond

Review common practices that we should all be doing anyway, washing hands, getting adequate rest, hydrating. It’s brought those kinds of things into focus. I think the hysteria is a little out of control. But who knows, maybe there’ll be a silver lining. Maybe we’ll bring some of these things back from China that should be in the United States anyway.

David DeGear

New Richmond

We’re a community, here in New Richmond, in Minnesconsin. I really hope that what we see is a lot of people looking outward and going, “what about my neighbor,” and is there something I can do as a healthy person to keep other people that way. In an age of looking inward and nationalism, we are not isolated in the world, this is a global community and it’s time to understand that.

Christi Brandenburg

New Richmond

This has everything to do with personal responsibility, paying attention to what’s going on around you. Everybody treats their checkbook like there’s cash coming tomorrow, there’s food just down the street, there’s fresh water, flip a switch and a light’s going to come on. That’s not the case. ... If you're sick, stay home, don’t go to work. If your kids have the sniffles, stay home. Personal responsibility. Has anybody here had to live off the land for more than 30 days? I have. Guess what, toilet paper was the last thing on my mind.

Wade Jorgensen

New Richmond

I blame a lot of this panic on the media. I do. Who put the bug in the stock market to sell what you had to sell? I’m sorry, but I think the media had a lot to do with it. The media has a lot to do with stirring up the pot as far as I am concerned. This is big news, they elaborate on it and one thing leads to another. Leave it alone. They should have just stepped back a little bit, report what they have to report, but my god, don’t make it like everybody’s going to die.

Garnet Ninke

New Richmond

My wife and I are both teachers and we just got the news that schools will be closing. We’re doing our best to make things work at home and for kids that we see every single day. It’s been in the back of our heads for a while now. I think that, based on all of the information that’s come out, that being more cautious is the better choice right now. It seems to me that the best thing that could come out of this is that, when there is a next time, we’ll have a pretty good blueprint of how to do things better.

Luke Fritsche


That things can change quickly. We’re both teachers. ... From an educational perspective, we can handle this. Be ready to not be in control. We can adapt. Are we learning from this? Our memories are quite short. Time will tell. ... There’ll be some new policies in place to ramp things up more quickly for epidemics after this. I don’t think people thought it would be like this even two days ago. I’d also like us to think about what this means to protect people when they can’t work and they may not be able to sustain themselves.

Stacie & Sam Bosley


Be prepared. Finding necessary supplies has kind of caught me by surprise and a lot of stuff is already gone. I wasn’t expecting that. We were supposed to go to Green Bay for the girls basketball tournament. Our hometown girls basketball team was going to state. Now we’re not. I understand that it’s for the good of everyone. But for a small town, this doesn’t happen very often, they don’t get to state very often. This isn’t the way that story was supposed to end..

Todd Lillie

Clear Lake

I would say, the most important thing is to put your trust in God. He’s the only one that’s going to be able to answer it all. I think part of the reason for the panic right now has been the exaggeration by the media, but I don’t want to judge prematurely in case it gets crazier. I think it’s important to be aware and prepared, to take the precautions that you can. It’s forced learning at this point.

Dan Koutek

New Richmond

People who actually need stuff can’t get it. That’s what we’re doing today, getting toilet paper and that kind of stuff and bringing it to elderly people because they are suffering. They are not part of the equation. I’m a day care provider, so I’m getting a lot of people messaging me, “Can you take my kids?” I’m adding staff to accommodate because they are letting day care take more kids during this three weeks, otherwise people can’t work. I think the panic is fear driven. People need to be educated. It’s scary what we’re not learning.

Heather Radtke

New Richmond